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Gordon's Background

Gordon was born in Hong Kong and went to Halifax, Nova Scotia, where he studied at Saint Mary's University. Subsequently he attended Virginia Tech at Blacksburg, Virginia, and graduated with post-graduate degrees in civil engineering. He came to Toronto, Ontario, in 1989.

He was a registered professional engineers with specialty in geotechnics and worked in Canada, USA, Hong Kong and China. At present he is active in investing in stock markets while serving senior citizens usually at an on-call basis.

He also has volunteered at several charity events in Toronto, has served as election officials in Ontario and an enumerator for Census 2016. His current interests are videoing, photography and animal welfare.


Knowledge Base

1. 7 year experience to serve the Etobicoke community.
2. Garden skills picked up from clients, who have years of gardening experience.
3. Landscaping and soil knowledge acquired as civil/geotechnical engineer.
4. Courses
   "Biotechnical Slope and Erosion Control," University of Michigan, 1992
   "Emergency First Aid/CPR," Seneca College (North York), 2000
   "Basic Rescuer," Seneca College (North York), 2000
5. Other Qualifications
   Diploma, "Digital Servicing (with Highest Honors)," McGraw-Hill/NRI Schools, 1994
   Course, "Prime System Administrator," Prime Computer (HK) Ltd., 1986
   Course, "Investment Funds in Canada," Canadian Securities Institute, 2012
   Course, "Canadian Securities Course(with Honours)," CSI, 1999