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Approximate Local Service Area

service  map
Etobicoke/Toronto, Ontario)

          North limit - Expressway 401
          East limit - Scarlett Road
          South limit - Bloor Street West
          West limit - Centennial Park and Mill Road

For services requested outside of the local area, travel time and car mileage might be charged. So far, the other areas serviced included: North York(Toronto), downtown Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, eastern Scarborough (Toronto), and Ajax.

Service is charged by hours — a minimum is one(1) hour and no maximum of hours per day. However, a short ten-minute paid break will be charged after three(3) continuous works, and a one half-hour unpaid break will be taken after five(5) work hours. Also the winter rate is generally higher than the summer rate.

HST sales tax is not added at this moment (May 25, 2017).